Founded in 1999, Karmel Technologies, Inc. is one of the leading sales representation and distribution companies, and has been providing value added services to companies in Korea and in U.S., serving the needs of the customers in the fields of wireless, telecommunications, consumer electronics, industrial equipment and military electronics industries.

Karmel represents industry-leading companies such as: Sanico, Foremay, Waitan, & ViaSat for commerical, industrial, automotive applications; Teledyne Microwave Solutions, Teledyne Reynolds, Sensitron, Linwave, HXI, RF Lambda, RFCore, Werlatone, Microwave Products Group (K&L Microwave & PoleZero), and Knowles Precision Devices (Novacap, Syfer, Voltronics, and Dielectric Labs) for defense programs.

Karmel has been serving global companies including, but not limited to, Samsung and LG Electronics as well defense contractors LIG NEX1, Hanwha Corp & Hanwha Systems, Korea Aerosapce Industries, and their sub-contractors.  

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